In December 2019, 12.2% of Alameda County residents (nearly 200,000 people) suffered from the inability to obtain adequate amounts of food. When the COVID-19 pandemic took hold in 2020, the number of families impacted by food insecurity grew astronomically in our area and around the world.


Our gardens are managed strategically to produce fruits, vegetables, and herbs that thrive in our area and are culturally relevant to the various ethnic groups within our community.  With the help of our many dedicated volunteers, our produce is harvested year-round and donated to serve our friends and neighbors without access to fresh produce as a result of food insecurity.

The quality of the food we grow is of the utmost concern. We know that the volumes of produce we grow make little impact if they are saturated with dangerous chemicals. At LEAF, our harvests are guaranteed to be free of biocides and chemicals that can pose a danger to our health and well-being.


Each year, LEAF donates thousands of pounds of fresh produce to our food bank partners in Fremont and Union City. These include Tri-City Volunteers Food Bank and Centro de Servicios. As we work toward expanding our gardens, we're excited over new partnerships and the ability to better serve the members of our community.

In addition to growing and donating healthy foods, LEAF engages residents of Alameda County by demonstrating the values of living increasingly sustainable lifestyles and become better stewards of our environment. As an educational center, our seasoned gardeners teach the members of our community how to grow food in our gardens, in their own homes and in our community garden with raised planter beds that are available to the public. In addition, LEAF offers hands-on learning opportunities designed for both adults and students that promote regenerative agricultural practices and healthy nutrition. At LEAF, we want to see our community thrive. And we are proud to see the impact our efforts are making on the people of Alameda County. Follow the Programs heading above to learn more about the services that encompass our Growing for Good program.

If you would like to volunteer to assist our efforts to eliminate food insecurity, contact us by email at We have volunteer opportunities in gardening, managing work parties and projects, and more. LEAF operates as a COVID safe haven and requires that all volunteers be fully vaccinated. Our Volunteer Agreement Form must also be completed prior to entering the grounds as a volunteer.

Monetary donations to assist in our efforts are equally appreciated and can be sent to us using the form on our Donations page or mailed to us at LEAF, PO Box 2816, Fremont, CA 94536. For more information about our food bank partners, simply click on the images below.