On Saturday, July 23, 2022, we celebrated the completion of Phase One of the California Nursery Historical Park Master Plan with a Ribbon Cutting Celebration with City of Fremont Parks and Recs Community Service Director, Suzanne Wolf, Fremont Mayor Lily Mei and Fremont Councilmembers. Lots of time and effort went into successfully renovating the 20 acre park which included the move of our LEAF Center site to the northeastern corner of the park.


The city's Parks and Rec Team did an amazing job implementing Phase One so smoothly. The LEAF Team also worked very hard to make our dream of a our new LEAF Center come true. Irshad Rasheed partnered with the City of Fremont to managed the installation of the new site, and LEAF's demolition team had the old site leveled in no time! Special thanks goes to Bruce Cates, their fearless leader, Tom Browne, Jerry Kuhlmann, Mark Aragon, Rich Godfrey and the Niles Rotary Club.


We are very excited about moving into the new site where we will be able to continue our vision for the LEAF Center:

To be a Community Garden for people to grow their own food and/or to be volunteer gardeners


To be a Center for Education with workshops on Sustainable Living and Regenerative Agriculture


To be a Gathering Place for community events, a place where people connect 


Browse the gallery below​ to view images of our new location within the California Nursery Historical Park. Then watch a short video with footage from a drone as it flies over the new site..



Pending a few infrastructure items that need to be completed, our LEAF Center planters will ready very soon. We expect our gardeners to begin planting sometime this month. 

Each of our 40 planters has dimensions of 4ft x 12ft with a 2ft depth that will enable you to create your dream garden. There is an amazing feeling that comes with making a meal using produce that you planted, nurtured, and harvested yourself. So we're very excited! You can check out our planters info page at 

Our Community Gardener membership tier includes year-long access to a LEAF Center planter. Please email us at leafcenter@fremontleaf.org to obtain this membership.


For more information about becoming a LEAF member, follow this link!



Q&A with

LEAF CFO & Treasurer

What type of gardening do you like to do?

Mostly vegetables and fruit trees.


What is your next gardening project?

I want to upscale my planters with trellises for vines.


What are some of your favorite activities/hobbies?

I enjoy hiking, diving, mountaineering, and scouting. 


Describe your educational and professional background?

After finishing my Masters in computer engineering in ’88, I started working as a software engineer in Silicon Valley, in San Diego, and then back here in the Bay Area. These days, I’m working at a small technology company supporting large commercial projects nationwide.


Describe your role at LEAF.

I’m the treasurer of LEAF but I gravitate to corporate and strategic initiatives and building the organization through partnerships and executing major projects. Recently I led the move of the LEAF Center to its new location. This was a 18 month project that started with a vision of what our new site would look like, creating a design with our architects and then finally working with the City of Fremont Parks and Recreation Dept through the construction.


Are you working on any special programs at LEAF?

My focus these days is to find a site manager for the new LEAF Center. (BTW, We’re looking for a dedicated individual to maintain the planters, irrigation and landscaping. If you are interested, please contact me at Irshad@fremontleaf.org.) In addition, we would like to start the construction of some new LEAF Center structures – a pavilion for community events, lath house for educational programs, outdoor kitchen for cooking demos, covered structures to provide shade for our gardeners, etc. 

What excites you about working with LEAF?

It is rewarding to see the positive impact that LEAF has on our diverse community. It brings people together with a common purpose – building a connected community and healthy environment.


If you could have the whole world's attention, what would you say?

I would urge the people of the world to focus on peace, justice and sustainable living.


Special Thanks

Over the past twelve years that LEAF has been in existence I have witnessed many changes at LEAF, seen many great volunteers come and go, and have had the honor and pleasure to work side by side with many. I applaud all of you who have helped LEAF become what it is today and look forward to working with others in the future.

This note is about some very special volunteers, Lisa and Brian Wills and their son Caleb, who stayed with us for years and took on the formidable task of managing the LEAF Center. They put lots of time and effort in managing and developing the LEAF Center. We want to recognize and thank them for what a wonderful job they did. 

On behalf of the LEAF Board and myself, we all would like to express our appreciation and gratitude to Lisa, Brian and Caleb for all their efforts the past 6 years at the LEAF Center and wish them all the best going forward. We hope to see you get your hands dirty at the New LEAF Center in the seasons to come.

Your Dirt Loving Friends,

Bruce Cates LEAF VP/ Founder and the LEAF Board


7pm to 8pm

Meet up and talk shop with your fellow gardening enthusiasts on the first Wednesday of each month. Our online gatherings are designed to entertain, inform, and just make you feel all warm fuzzy inside. All the info you need to join up is ready and waiting at



AUG 3    SEP 7    OCT 5


Volunteer Work Events


Pick a date or come on all three to help your friends at LEAF tackle projects that benefit from group participation. We meet tentatively on the 2nd Saturday of each month beginning at 9am. All the details you'll need are ready and waiting on our website.


Feel free to contact us with any questions you have.



Help local families gain access to these healthy varieties of fruit by gleaning and gathering fresh fruit from the trees in your yard. Drop your fruit off at LEAF C.R. Stone Garden on Monday and Thursday mornings from 9am to 10:30am, and we'll deliver your donations to a local food bank. We are accepting fresh fruit all year long.


So far this year, you have donated 1223 lbs of fruit!!!


The Stone Garden is located at 55 Mowry Ave behind the Mission Valley Veterinary Clinic. More info at at fremontleaf.org/glean.



Along with LEAF's community education, our efforts to plant, harvest, and donate large volumes of produce was recognized by StopWaste with an award for Community Engagement. Click the image below to read an article about this award in the Tri-City Voice newspaper.


2022 YTD:  2,976 lbs.


Eliminate the lines of people outside our food banks.