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October 2023


October 2023


A Super September

It has been a SUPER September at LEAF with a large amount of community engagement occurring both inside and outside of our gardens. Our new Outreach Coordinator, Nate Bernardo, has been as busy as our bees connecting and building partnerships with numerous community organizations. Garden to Table Silicon Valley (G2TSV) reached out to LEAF on Instagram and since then our partnership has blossomed.

The G2TSV Team visited Stone Garden and had a wonderful time learning about our agricultural practices to improve their Taylor Street Farm and also exchanging ideas on how we can collaborate. 

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We shared a meal of amazing homemade ratatouille from fresh vegetables grown at both farms and a volunteer’s garden. The following week, we visited G2TSV’s Farm and saw how efficiently they handled large volumes of volunteers and students. 

A Taste of Summer

During our visit to G2TSV’s farm, we connected with Mark, a member of the Mission San Jose Chamber, who set up a booth for us at their Taste of Summer Street Fair in Fremont. Nate was able to interact with our local community and gave out bok choi seed starts to community members who stopped by the booth. It was great to see the level of enthusiasm the community had about LEAF’s mission and many individuals expressed a willingness to volunteer at the garden. Because of what the community expressed at Taste of Summer, LEAF is going to host Sunday Community Volunteer Days at Stone Garden in the future. Please contact us at for more information.

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An Exciting Transition

It is a very exciting period at LEAF with a marketing refresh for our website and a more active presence on Instagram. Plus we are continuing our Weekend Workshops this month with a focus on transitioning your garden for the upcoming winter season i.e. Top 10 Medicinal Herbs, Winter Fruit Tree Pruning, and Worm Composting and Worm Teas. See our workshop schedule below. Make sure to follow us on Instagram (@fremontleaf) and visit and let us know what you think!

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Weekend Workshops

Our volunteers hold workshops on various subjects in the garden.

Be it learning to worm compost or pruning fruit trees.

We offer a range of workshops to get more in touch with nature

and to learn to grow food on the land we live on.

Growing Winter Veggie Workshop on Saturday, Sept 30th from 11 to Noon

For more information, visit


Top 10 Medicinal Herbs

In this class, we'll look at ten herbs

which contain tremendous nutritional

and medicinal value.


OCT 8  l  10:30 am to 12:00 pm

at Stone Garden


Worm Composting & Worm Tea

In this special double class, StopWaste's "Compost Gal" Lori will demonstrate

how to build a worm bin and then

how to make worm compost tea.


OCT 22  l  10:00 am to 11:30 am

at Stone Garden

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Winter Fruit Tree Pruning

Phil will show you the techniques of how to prune fruit trees, demonstrate pruning fruit trees and then he will supervise while you get some some hands-on experience on LEAF's trees. 


OCT 29  l  10:30 am to 12:00 pm

at Stone Garden

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Gathering, Gardening

It's often tough to find knowledgable gardeners to ask questions.

Talkin' Dirt will provide you with a platform to engage with others from the comfort of your own home on the first Wednesday of each month from 7PM to 8PM. Join Master Gardeners and a horticulturist for this special hour-long online gathering. Regardless of your level of experience in gardening, we'd love to have you!

To Register, visit


Our next online gatherings are:



Lazy Saturdays?

Get BUSY as a LEAF volunteer! On the 2nd Saturday of every month from 9am to noon, your help is needed to help us tackle projects that benefit from a group effort.   Be a part of a community helping a community.


More info at

Sign up info at

Our next volunteer work days are . . .



Every Monday and Thursday morning from 9am to 10:30am, you are invited to bring us donations of fresh fruit from your trees to the LEAF Stone Garden. Your donations will be added to the volumes of produce we grow and deliver to our food banks to help out our friends and neighbors.

Fresh unblemished fruit only, please! 

Here's what's growing in the neighborhood!


Got questions? We've got answers at

LEAF Stone Garden is located behind

the Mission Valley Veterinary Clinic at 55 Mowry Ave.

More info at at

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Food Donations

At LEAF, we work year-round to feed our community by planting, nurturing, and harvesting fresh produce that we donate our food banks. If you'd like to be a part of our volunteer gardening team, contact us at

DONATIONS YTD: 5,009 lbs.

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