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We received our second award this year. This award was for LEAF C.R. Stone Garden from the Fremont Award Program whose purpose is to support and offer public recognition of the contributions of businesses and organizations in and around Fremont. I'm so proud of our Stone Gardeners who made this happen!


This month, I would like to recognize and thank everyone who supported our work this year at LEAF. This includes our board of directors, volunteers, members, partner organizations, and all who've made a financial contribution toward our mission of educating others about sustainable living and donating healthy produce to our community. The good we achieve together absolutely warms my heart. Thank you all for for making 2022 a very productive year! 

board of directors








CFO | Treasurer








Stone Garden Lead Gardeners
Eva, Syndee, Alan

Stone Gardeners
Carol, Lisha, Katie, Sathya, Surendra, Ruchi, David, Heidi

Mike S, Tom B, Mark A, Steve E

Marketing/Outreach/Volunteer Coordinating
Eddie, Erycah, Rebecca, Valli, Youth4Good, Dave H

Zoe, Phil, Michele, Guy

Students for LEAF Instructors and Students

Sydney, Joyce, Sutharsana, Mallika, and Bridget

Steve L, Madeline W, Roland Z, Rob B

lifetime members

Bruce C   Carolyn H   Chris S  Irshad R  

Margery L   Mark O   Mary N   Mayank M   Mei O  

Neelam C   Patricia R   Sybil H   Valerie S


Urv A   Bernadette A   Marisa A   Riva A
Kimberlee A   Julie A   Isao A   Damir B
Zuzana B  
Sara B   Janet B   Adam B
Kathi B   Manmeet B   Annie B   Noel BL
Sherry B  
Ruel B   Farah B   Peggy C
Shashana C   Glennda C   Louis C
Jacline D   Rachel D   Gail D   Dawn D
Guy D   Carol E   Mellicent F   Walter F
Shari G  
Alek GV   Elizabeth G   Tara G
Rita H   Kimberly H   Jon H   Syeda I

Juliette J   Patricia J   Sutharsana K

David K   Stacey K   Samanta K   Evelyn L

John L   Carolyn L   Elizabeth L   Suzanne M

Iris N   Mary N   Tobias P   Aarti P
Heidi P   Yelena P   Venkata P   Shalini R   

Kristine S   Mallika S   Susan S   Jaime S

Aparna S   Monica S   John S   Revathi S

Kathy SS   Robert S   Fred T   Karen T
Delilah T  
Joan U   Alma U   Michele Y   Eva Y


financial contributors

Richard G   Owen Y   Kristen C
Mei O   Steven A   Tobias P
Carolyn W   Rita H   Madeline W
Vandana B   Tom S   John L



Western Digital
Mary A Crocker Trust
National Philanthropic Trust 
The Strong Foundation
Niles Rotary Club 
County Supervisor Haubert 
Mission Peak UUC 
Newark Rotary


City of Fremont; Parks and Recs, Environmental Services
Dr. Christine Stone-Payne, DVM
Alameda County Water District
Tri-City Volunteers Food Bank
Centro De Servicos and The Daily Bowl
Tri-City Ecology Center and Urban Forest Friends
TRC Companies
Niles Rotary Club
Newark Rotary Club
Local Chapters of Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts 

Holiday Honey Sale!

Give the gift of local honey. 24oz jars discounted at the LEAF Shop through the end of December.


All I want for Christmas is...


QA courtesy of the New York Times

Q:  Is it healthier to eat spinach when it's raw or cooked?

A:  Spinach is packed with vitamin C, magnesium, vitamin B6, iron and calcium. When cooked, more iron and calcium is absorbed.


Spinach is also loaded with oxalate, a compound that binds to and blocks the absorption of calcium and iron in the gut. Cooking at high temperatures helps remove some of that oxalate, reducing the binding effect.


Evidence suggests that most forms of cooking will make spinach healthier, but there are some trade-offs. While cooking can increase antioxidant capacity in spinach, it can also result in the loss of some B and C vitamins. On the whole, cooked spinach has a higher nutritional value.

Even if you're snowed in, you have no excuse for not joining us THIS WEDNESDAY for another Talkin' DiRT online gathering of gardeners. Here, you can use big words like horticulture and germination, and people will actually understand you! Our virtual gatherings happen on the first Wednesday of each month from 7PM to 8PM.

Our next gatherings...

DEC 7 & JAN 4

Register now at fremontleaf.org/talkindirt.


Lazy Saturdays?


Get BUSY as a LEAF volunteer! On the 2nd Saturday of every month, you're invited to help us tackle projects that benefit from a group effort. To find out more information or to sign up, visit fremontleaf.org/volunteer give us a shout at volunteer@fremontleaf.org.

Our next volunteer work days...

DEC 10 & JAN 14

Help local families gain access to healthy fruit by gleaning fresh fruit from the trees in your yard. Drop your fruit off at LEAF C.R. Stone Garden Monday mornings from 9am to 10:30am, and we'll deliver your donations to a local food bank. We are accepting fresh fruit all year long.

Currently accepting...


So far this year, you have donated 1593 lbs of fruit!!!


Stone Garden is located  behind the Mission Valley Veterinary Clinic at 55 Mowry Ave. More info at at fremontleaf.org/glean.

Fruit Tree Gleaning



2022 YTD:  6,177 lbs.


Tis the season of giving.
Feeling festive?