Have you ever wanted your own garden but just don’t have the space? We knew you were out there, so we made space for you. At LEAF Center, your edible garden awaits! Our community garden is full of planters equipped with automatic drip irrigation and filled with custom soil. Not an experienced gardener? No problem! Join our Talkin’ Dirt webinars. You can also check out our LEAF Wiki's seedling catalog for information about the specific seedlings we offer as well as a planting guide for our local area.


The map below shows  the new LEAF Center along Niles Blvd featuring 40 4ft x 12ft  x 2ft raised planters with anti-rodent cages, organic soil, automatic drip irrigation and lined with anti gopher hardware 

cloth.  Due to high demand and limited supply, these planters are available via a special Community Gardener Membership

that includes year-long access to a wonderful gardening experience!

For more information, email us at leafcenter@fremontleaf.org.


This image depicts our new LEAF Center location which is still in development. Our new planters will be available soon. Please subscribe to our news updates for info about when this facility will be accessible to members.