Milkweed, Showy

Milkweed, Showy

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Asclepias speciosa - Perennial, native to CA. Invite monarch butterflies and other pollinators to your garden with the stunning blooms of this robust, shrub-like heirloom perennial. Also called Greek milkweed, this species is drought tolerant when established and grows best in well-drained soils. Plants have green to silvery-green foliage and stems that are often soft and fuzzy. In summer, pink to white flowers are followed by decorative, woolly seed pods that are beautiful in dried arrangements. By growing milkweed that is native to your region, you ensure that blooming will occur when most needed—at the time of migration in your area—providing fuel for these beautiful butterflies.


When planting milkweed, it is highly recommended to plant multiple in order to provide a sufficient food source to monarch caterpillars.


For more information on Showy Milkweed, visit our LEAF Wiki.

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