Students for LEAF is one of our focus educational programs designed to nurture young people's interests in environmental conservation, regenerative agriculture, and biological sciences. We want to develop the next generation of leaders to solve the many challenges we are facing such as climate change, food insecurity, water shortage, and pandemics.

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Students for LEAF is about growing food and much more. We create opportunities for young people using their inherent and developed skills, and interests to design and create projects for LEAF and for our gardens from art murals and videos to garden furniture and structures. You can see some of these projects in the images above, which include garden murals, solar beeswax melters, a Hugelkultur raised bed, recycling drive, bulletin board, to name only a few. One of the students is producing a documentary about the importance of sustainability both locally and throughout the world.

From community service projects to Boy Scout Eagle Scout and Girl Scout Gold/Silver Award projects, LEAF is happy to collaborate on educational opportunities with our younger generation on whatever path in life they choose. To learn more about Students for LEAF and to get involved, contact us at