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In 2022, LEAF was selected among the most impactful organizations in Fremont. This award recognized LEAF CR Stone Garden as the best of the best in the Community Garden category. We are honored to have been given this wonderful accolade.


In 2022, LEAF C.R. Stone Garden was given the accreditation of "The People's Garden" by the USDA. This is a government program that recognizes community gardens that exemplify the following.

  1. Grow fresh, healthy food

  2. Support a resilient, local food system

  3. Teach people how to garden using sustainable practices

  4. Nurture habitat for pollinators and wildlife

  5. Serve as greenspace for neighbors to gather, reflect, and enjoy.


Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

On July 23, 2022, we celebrated the completion of Phase One of the California Nursery Historical Park Master Plan with a Ribbon Cutting Celebration with City of Fremont Parks and Recs Community Service Director, Suzanne Wolf, Fremont Mayor Lily Mei, and Fremont's City Councilmembers. Lots of time and effort went into successfully renovating the 20 acre park which included the move of LEAF Center site to the park's northeastern corner. 



Flowers on Wood

Excellence in Community Engagement

StopWaste, a public agency dedicated to reducing waste in Alameda County, has made a priority of recognizing businesses for the positive impact they have on their communities. In 2022, LEAF was recognized for its Excellence in Community Engagement! Amidst the wonderful compliments given us, the following areas of our mission were highly commended.

Food Insecurity

Community garden planter rentals

Donation harvests to 2 food banks

Fruit Tree Gleaning campaign, preventing food waste

Sustainable Living & Mindful Consumption

Focus on composting, food, and plastic waste reduction

Earth Day Recycling campaigns, preventing textile waste

Regenerative agriculture practice and creative reuse

Community Education

Earth Day and other outreach events

Talkin’ Dirt online webinar

Mentoring Scouts and high school students

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