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Students For LEAF

Students for LEAF is one of our focus educational programs designed to nurture young people's interests in environmental conservation, regenerative agriculture, and biological sciences. We’re developing the next generation of leaders to solve the many challenges the world is facing such as climate change, food insecurity, and water conservation.

The “LEAFlets”  apprentice in our gardens, not only learning about plant science, horticulture and soil science, but gaining hands-on skills that give them confidence to grow their own food and connect with the natural environment.

This program is designed to be broad, allowing students to experience many aspects of the natural world, so they can discover where:

  • Beekeeping and Bumble Bee Atlas

  • Regenerative Agriculture practices  

  • Composting including worm composting

  • Herbal Medicine

  • Harvesting and Making food - Farm to Table

  • Propagating Plants from Seed and Cuttings

  • Botanical illustration

And much much more…

All the while, students are involved in growing and harvesting  food on our farm that is donated to local food banks.

Who:  Middle or high school students

Price:  $225

When: 2023 June 12 - August 3rd Mon and Thurs 9am-12pm

Where:  LEAF Stone Garden

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