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Our Gardens

Each of our gardens is a cornerstone of our mission to educate the community about innovative agriculture. We view each of our gardens as a living classroom, where educational experiences can instill a connection to nature, forge ideas across disciplines, and inspire curiosity in our students. 

Regenerative agriculture is a cornerstone of our gardening philosophy. We use no chemical pesticides or herbicides, instead focusing on improving soil health and optimizing the symbiotic relationships between microbes, plants and insects. Our goal is to make our soils thrive, and teach others how to do the same.

We are able to extend our impact beyond the boundaries of the garden by donating the food we grow to local food banks such as Tri-City Volunteers Food Bank and Centro De Servicios. Each year, we donate thousands of pounds of fresh, biocide free produce to families in need.

Video of our gardens from the 2023 season

Urban Garden Apr 2025-3.jpg
LEAF Urban Garden

The Urban Garden is our newest garden and is currently under development. In the Urban Garden, we will look ahead to the future of agriculture and work on solutions to strengthen our community food supply and climate resilience. The core of our work at the Urban Garden is to develop projects showcasing innovative techniques in urban farming.

We aim to create a venue for our students to explore where our food comes from and discover the positive impacts regenerative practices and innovative agriculture can have on our planet. Furthermore, our goal is to create an educational curriculum where students themselves lead the way in developing projects that will lead us to a brighter future.

Urban Garden Apr 2025-2.jpg
Urban Garden Apr 2025-1.jpg
Kat TeachingWEB.jpg
LEAF Center

LEAF Center is a place where our community thrives through various avenues of engagement. Here, you'll find 40 raised beds, each playing a unique role in our mission to educate and build a thriving community.

Over 65% of the raised beds are reserved for community gardeners to rent, offering the opportunity to cultivate their own produce throughout the year. The remaining beds, along with the  surrounding gardens, are tended by our volunteers to grow fresh produce and herbs for donation to local food banks.

Beyond being a hub for our community gardeners, The LEAF Center is also home to many of our community workshops. We host a wide range of workshops, from yoga sessions to comprehensive courses on home gardening.

LEAF Center Beds WEB.jpg
Leaf Website Images-02Web.jpg
Bee Sanctuary Drone Tree WEB.jpg
LEAF Stone Garden & Bee Sanctuary

These two gardens are our regenerative gardens, where volunteers work throughout the year to cultivate a thriving ecosystem. With every season, we ensure that our practices are benefiting the environment, whether that is through cover crops, numerous active bee hives, or producing compost. 

This garden also serves as an immersive classroom, where students can join us to learn about regenerative agriculture through hands-on experiences. Our Hügelkultur raised beds and surrounding gardens serve as perfect demonstration areas for anyone interested in learning about gardening.

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