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A LIVE Gathering of Gardeners


Talkin' Dirt LIVE! a new series of gardening workshops

One the first Saturday of the months of July through October from 11 am to Noon

Fremont Main Library in the Fukaya Conference Room A

2400 Stevenson Blvd near Fremont Blvd


Saturday, July 6th: Transplanting seedlings to trees 

Learn how to minimize transplant shock when relocating seedlings to trees from container to container or container into the ground. There is much to consider from the soil media, care of roots/root ball, hydrating the area, etc.

Saturday, August 3rd: Composting, Composting, Composting

What's all the hype about composting? Why is it important to compost your garden? Learn about compost basics.

Saturday, September 7th: Importance of Cover Crops 

What's all the hype about cover crops? What is a cover crop? When should I plant cover crops? Learn about cover crop basics.

Saturday, October 5th: Onions, Onions and Garlic

Did you know that onion bulbs form in response to day length? Do you know what day length onion grows best in the Bay Area? Learn about onion and garlic basics. 

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