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A New Home Online

After months of planning and hard work, our new website is LIVE!

We are proud to reveal our brand new website! Over the last four months, page by page, our vision for LEAF's new site gradually materialized into a platform we feel will guide us to new ways of offering our services. While we're still adding to it, we're proud of how it has taken shape thus far.

We wanted our website to be more than a place to drop in once or twice. To us, it should be a platform that continually evolves and invites people to return often. Coupled with our new LEAF Wiki, what we achieved represents a whole new level of resourcefulness that we hope you'll appreciate and take full advantage of.

Thank you for your continued dedication to LEAF's mission. 2021 has guided us into some great new directions—many of which are still to come. We hope you're as excited as we are!

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