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Weekend Workshops

We have lined up experts from gardening to composting to teach you how to build healthy gardens so you can grow healthy plants. 


Classes will be held on Sundays at LEAF Stone Garden. 

(Stone Garden is located behind Mission Valley Vet Clinic. Clinic address is 55 Mowry Ave near Mission Blvd.)

Class size is limited, registration is required.

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Worm Composting

Sunday, April 28th 10-Noon

Do you live in an apartment or a housing complex that doesn't have a green bin or a yard with little space for compost bins. Or just lack the energy to turn piles of greens and brown? And would you like to have a pet that doesn't require walks? Then, worm composting might be for you. 


Lori also known as the Compost Gal, will teach you the benefits and uses of worm compost. You will learn to setup a bin, harvesting and best uses for this amazing garden fertilizer.

Location: LEAF Stone Garden


Why Compost?

Sunday, May 5th 10-Noon

Composting is the natural process of recycling organic matter, such as leaves and food scraps, into a valuable fertilizer that can enrich soil and plants. Composting is the key to growing healthy plants.

Lori is THE local expert on composting. She will teach you about indoor and outdoor composting, what will work best for your space, the types of waste you can use and how compost reduces your need for pesticides and fertilizers.

Location: LEAF Stone Garden



Intro to Veggie Gardening

Sunday, May 19th 10-Noon

Join UCCE Master Gardener, our monthly Talkin' Dirt Webinar host,

and overall Gardener Extraordinaire, Guy for a presentation on

Basic Vegetable Gardening 101. 


One of Guy's greatest joys is harvesting food that he has grown himself. He gets great satisfaction in teaching and encouraging others to do the same. Both basic and experienced gardeners can learn a lot. Good time to bring all your questions. 

Location: LEAF Stone Garden

Register Here!

Container Gardening

Sunday, June 2nd 10-Noon

Container gardening allows you to be the ultimate control freak. You to grow plants where you have space, to choose a variety of plants and the soil media, and to move them with the seasons. 

Alan is an amazing gardener who created the LEAF Bee Garden, a haven for pollinators and toads ; ) He will teach you about different types of containers, what plants can be grown in different containers, where to locate the containers, the types of soil media to use, and when to water and fertilize them.

Location: LEAF Stone Garden

Register Here!

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Beekeeping Basics

Sunday, June 23rd 1-3 pm​

Syndee, our beekeeper, became a beekeeper because she wanted to buy some local honey to help with allergies. She signed up for a beekeeping class and when she held a frame of bees in her hands, she was hooked. She has been a beekeeper for over 10 years and she enjoys sharing her knowledge with others.


Learn about honey bee superpowers, their anatomy, their jobs, how they communicate PLUS suit up in a bee jacket and go into the bee hives and hold a frame with hundreds of bees.

Location: LEAF Stone Garden

Max class size of 10. Register Here!

Sunday, July 14th 10-Noon

Dr. Joshua Garcia is a University of California President’s Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Land, Air, and Water Resources at UC Davis. He studies how farmers can cultivate healthy and biodiverse soils for sustainable crop production in the face of rapid environmental change.

Lucky for us, Josh loves to teach and has offered to hold a course at LEAF on worm composting and then we will build worm bins which you can take home with worms. This is a great opportunity for us to learn about why worms are so important for soil health.

Location: LEAF Stone Garden

Register Here!

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Winter Fruit Tree


Sunday, July 28th 10-Noon

Phil has an extensive in-depth knowledge in so many different areas but one of his specialities is fruit tree pruning. 

Phil will show you the techniques of pruning trees especially fruit trees and then will demonstrate pruning the fruit trees at Stone Garden. You will get some hands-on supervised experience. 

Location: LEAF Stone Garden

Register Here!

Propagation from Cuttings

Sunday, August 11th 10-Noon

Alan is an amazing gardener who propagated many of the perennials and annual plants at the LEAF Bee Garden, a haven for both pollinators and all of us ; )

Alan will teach techniques for propagating plants from cuttings from stems and leaves of plants. He will demonstrate several methods, then you can take home some of the cuttings.

Location: LEAF Stone Garden

Register Here!

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Winter Veggie Gardening

Sunday, August 25th 10-Noon

Join Guy, a UCCE Master Gardener, our monthly Talkin' Dirt Webinar host, and the go-to "Guy" for questions about all kinds of plants! 

Guy has a depth of experience in growing veggies all year round and has lots insights of what works and what doesn't. In this presentation he will focus on winter vegetables and cover crops.

Location: LEAF Stone Garden

Register Here!

Honey Harvesting

Sunday, September 8th 10-Noon​

Syndee, our beekeeper, has been a beekeeper for over 10 years and she enjoys sharing her knowledge with others including how to harvest honey.


Syndee will give a short demonstration about honey harvesting. Then, each participant will process the honey from a honeycomb by themselves and take home one jar of the honey they processed. All tools and equipment are provided. Be prepared to have sticky hands ; )


Location: LEAF Stone Garden

Max class size of 6. Register Here!

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