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Earth Day is LEAF's biggest outreach event of the year!

Every LEAF Day is Earth Day


SATURDAY, APRIL 20th from 11 am to 3 pm

Fremont Downtown Event Center

3500 Capitol Ave at State St

LEAF will be in the grassy area with 19 booths AND enthusiastic gardeners and environmentalists ready to answer questions.

We will be announcing our weekend fun classes.


For our Earth Day Recycling Campaign

will be collecting crayons, bras and socks.


LEAF's Mission on Earth Day is to educate the community

about how ALL of us can contribute to regenerating the land.

Our Mission: LEAF is a purpose driven nonprofit volunteer organization dedicated to regenerating the land using sustainable practices and

to inspiring our community to nurture the earth. Our food gardens

cultivate nutritious biocide free produce for underserved communities

and serve as living classrooms for educational programs that empower local residents to garden and to live sustainably. Our community garden

has planters for rent to the public so they can grow their own food.​

LEAF Booths

Booth #, Booth Name, Booth Leader

(25) LEAF Earth Day Recycling: Donate crayons, bras, socks (Girl Scouts)

(25) Girl Scout Troop - Coyote Hills Unit 

(26) Washington High School Ecology Club (Jasmine and Team)

(27) Tri-City Volunteers Food Bank (Kellie)

(28) Daily Bowl/Centro De Servicio (Paddy)

(29) Stop Food Waste (Rupa, Gina, Utsa, Paashi)

(30) LEAF Beekeepers (Syndee, Jerry, Marge)

(31) LEAF Students for LEAF (Priyanka, Arushi, Elka)

(32) Fremont Beeks (Carol, Greg, Spencer, plus more)

(33) LEAF Regenerative Food Gardens (Bruce, Lorna)

(34) LEAF Community Center and Planter Rentals (Lacy, Eric)

(35) California School of the Blind (Jim)

(36) LEAF Fruit Tree Pruning (Phil, Joanne)

(37) LEAF Pruning (Walt)

(38) Urban Forest Friends (Lynn and Team)

(39) LEAF Worm Composting (Katherine, Lisha)

(40) LEAF Composting (Alan, Michele)

(41) Talkin' Dirt/Garden of Blessing (Guy)

(42/43) LEAF Art Circle (NEW for 2024) 




Parking Lot

State Street
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