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Our LEAF Wiki is a one-stop resource for information about gardening in the Bay Area. Our resources include:

  • Peak Season Planting Chart: Ensure you plan your planting at the right time to cultivate a successful garden throughout the year.

  • Seed Catalog: Learn how to grow various fruits, vegetables, and herbs from our comprehensive seed catalog. 

  • Home Composting Guide: Learn how to create nutrient-rich compost from kitchen scraps and yard waste. 

LEAF Wiki is not only a great source of information, it allows us to interact with you! Your contribution will help this platform to thrive and become increasingly resourceful. 

As part of our Wiki, we’ve created a chart that will inform you of the peak seasons to plant fruits and vegetables in our area. Want to know when to plant chili peppers for your fajitas? Find out now by clicking on the image of our planting chart.

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