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Weekend Workshops

Listed below are some of the workshops we offered in the past. 

We are organizing our 2024 workshop schedule now

and should have it posted by Earth Day, April 22nd. 

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Beginners Yoga

Become refreshed and renewed in this

special yoga class led by yoga instructor

and LEAF volunteer, Sejal.

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Propagation from Stems & Seeds

Learn techniques for propagating plants

from seeds, cuttings from stems, and leaves

of plants. We will demonstrate several

methods and them you try it yourself.

Take home some of the cuttings.



Herbal Makers Workshop

In this Makers Workshop, you'll create practical medicines to keep in your first aid kit. Medicines may include: a smudge stick and a first aid ointment using calendula infused oil. Take home the herbal medicines that you make!


Botanical Illustrations

Anyone can draw with practice and a little inspiration from the outdoors. In this special workshop, you’ll be working with pencil, paper, and plants in the garden to practice some beginning drawing skills that you can share with your family and friends.


Indoor Mushroom Cultivation

This workshop is for beginner mycology enthusiasts wanting to learn the basics of growing mushrooms at home. Learn about 

the different stages of mushroom growth, accessing cultures of the mushrooms you want to grow, colonizing mycelium in

sterilized grain bags and fruiting your

favorite mushrooms.


Growing Winter Veggies

Join Talkin' Dirt host, Guy as he shows us how to plant winter vegetables and picks the best ones to start for the winter season. He is your go-to "Guy" for questions about all kinds of plants!

LEAF Community Gardeners and Annual Members get 75% OFF!  Email us at for your discount code.


Herbal Medicine in Your Backyard

In this workshop, we'll look at ten herbs grown in our garden which contain tremendous nutritional and medicinal values.

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Winter Fruit Tree Pruning

Phil will show you the pruning techniques of how to prune trees especially fruit trees and then will demonstrate pruning the fruit trees at Stone Garden. You will get some hands-on supervised experience. 

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Worm Composting & Worm Tea

In this special double workshop, StopWaste's "Compost Gal" Lori will demonstrate how to build a worm bin and then how to make worm compost tea.

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