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Do you need a straw?

Last week I had my daughter proofread my blog. I was looking for help with tone and to make sure my grammar was ok. She checked it over and then shared several additional thoughts. I didn’t want to take her words and pretend they were my own. Here is the most compelling point that she made (in regards to the problems with single-use plastic).

“Single-use plastic sometimes is the only option for people, and it goes beyond convenience. People who have trouble drinking and swallowing use plastic straws because they bend and are adjustable in ways reusable straws aren’t. Even if there were reusable straws like plastic straws, some people can’t wash their dishes by hand, which reusable straws have to be.”

I found this the most compelling because I have always thought that everyone in the world should reduce the amount of plastic we use because it is wasting the crude oil materials we need to make actually important plastic. Those single-use straws for someone who needs them are way more important than any straw I have ever used. As long as I can bring a cup to my lips, I should never use a straw. This is a strong opinion/decision and one I often have trouble sticking to but really, why are the rest of us still using straws?

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