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Something Very Close to my Heart

Something very close to my heart, besides propagating plants, is reducing plastic usage or being "plastic conscious" (a term, I realize, I did not just coin). You can't be a gardener and not just cringe at the amount of single-use plastic. For most of the plants you buy, that is not the only plastic they have lived in during their short life and while those other containers may be reused they are rarely ever recycled.

Since NOT using plastic seems to be impossible (everything comes wrapped in it nowadays), I try to compromise. If I can reduce my personal/family plastic usage then I won't feel bad that every plant I buy comes in plastic, especially if I then try to reuse that plastic numerous times.

I’m not writing this blog because I want to preach AT you about your plastic usage. I’m not writing it because I want to influence you to buy certain products. I am just sharing the small ways I have realized I can reduce plastics I use every day, that indeed do not have to be - plastic.

Here are a few ways I have been reducing my plastic usage in the past few months.

  • Bamboo toothbrushes - these are awesome. Nice and soft bristles and seem to even last a bit longer than their plastic counterparts. I got mine on Amazon but I have seen them in a few drug stores.

  • Lunch size paper bags - I’ve been using these for the bathroom or bedroom garbage. One less layer of plastic between them and eventual decomposition.

  • Dog Poop bags - I’ve used several different kinds of these more “compostable” bags. For those with/without dogs, who do not live in apartments, you may not realize that I use up to four bags a day. That's a lot of potential plastic. You just have to pick the right bag for your budget. I’ve even used the Pooch Paper which is 100% plastic-free, but it is not very convenient to carry if you are out for a walk and not near a garbage receptacle. It did give me the idea that you could use large pieces of wax paper if you were so inclined.

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