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Gardening Success Webinar

A new installment in Clean Water Program's Organic Gardening Series.

Spring is around the corner, so let's get ready for a successful gardening season! In this webinar we will cover:

  • The benefits of building a healthy garden from the ground up

  • How to grow healthy plants with a water-wise approach

  • Pruning tips

  • Garden maintenance to reduce pest problems

This hour-long Zoom class is ideal for beginning & intermediate gardeners and will include time for some Q&A with educators, Suzanne Bontempo and Charlotte Canner.

Thursday, Mar 16, 5pm-6pm PT

CLICK HERE to register!

About the Organic Gardening Webinar Series Through May 2023, the Clean Water Program offers free monthly webinars about organic gardening and non-toxic pest control, in association with Our Water Our World. Classes are presented by Suzanne Bontempo, a certified Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Advocate and Charlotte Canner, a certified Gardening & Composting Educator. Missed a webinar? Find recordings and more on our YouTube channel. To learn about non-toxic alternatives to fight pests in your home and garden, click here.

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