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Have you heard of it?

Its a way to donate to your favorite non-profit organization - LEAF! On our donations page, scroll to the bottom, thats where the information and links are.

When you log in to your Amazon account, you log in from the amazonsmile platform instead, and then pooooof 0.5% of your purchases (depending on items) can be donated to any charitable or nonprofit organization of your choice. A corporate giant being charitable right in your own little corner of the universe? Yep! We are happy that LEAF can benefit. We thank you in advance if you have used it and if you do try it please let me know in the comments.

Happy giving while your doing your regular shopping.

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Mar 06, 2022

Great idea! I was able to select LEAF as the charitable org for my Amazon Smile account! It was quick when I searched on the ”select the organization” page for “LEAF, Fremont” So Simple.

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