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Compost, Compost everywhere. Two FREE classes on Composting!

Are you ready to take the leap to creating your own compost? Lori Caldwell from our partners at Stop Waste, also known as "Compost Gal" will teach you everything you need to know to set up your first compost system. Whether it's worms in bins eating your kitchen scraps to hot composting in the backyard, you can help mitigate climate change by starting your own compost system!

Did you know that methane emanating from decomposing organic material in landfills are a key contributor to greenhouse gas emissions? By composting, you can help make a difference! Join us on Sunday, April 28th from 10 to noon for our first class of the year, Worm Composting. You can also join us Sunday, May 5th from 10 to noon for our class, Why Compost? These workshops will be held at the LEAF Stone Garden. Please be sure to register today as the class size is limited! Visit our Weekend Workshops Page to register today.

Sunday, April 28th 10am-Noon

Do you live in an apartment or a housing complex that doesn't have a green bin or a yard with little space for compost bins. Or just lack the energy to turn piles of greens and brown? And would you like to have a pet that doesn't require walks? Then, worm composting might be for you. 


Lori also known as the Compost Gal, will teach you the benefits and uses of worm compost. You will learn to setup a bin, harvesting and best uses for this amazing garden fertilizer.

Sunday, May 5th 10-Noon

Composting is the natural process of recycling organic matter, such as leaves and food scraps, into a valuable fertilizer that can enrich soil and plants. Composting is the key to growing healthy plants.

Lori is THE local expert on composting. She will teach you about indoor and outdoor composting, what will work best for your space, the types of waste you can use and how compost reduces your need for pesticides and fertilizers.

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