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Earth Day Recycling Event

Pick up your plants, drop off your recyclables!

In the midst of our Spring Plant Sale, LEAF initiated a recycling event that kicked on on Earth Day. As you pick up your seedling orders, we invite you to also provide some specific recyclable items. We will also be open for collection every Thursday and Saturday from 10am to 12pm throughout the month of May at LEAF’s C.R. Stone Garden.

Here are 7 items for our Earth Day Community Recycling event:

Large Brown Paper Bags (paper only, no plastic)

Bags will be given to TCV, the food bank where we donate our fresh healthy produce from LEAF Stone Garden and Bee Sanctuary.

New/Used Socks

New socks will be donated to a local shelter, used socks will be recycled to become insulation in the auto and carpet industries.

New/Used Bras

New and slightly used bras will be sent to organizations supporting women in need.

Writing Utensils

Pens, pencils, glue sticks, watercolor dispensers, paint sets and flexible packaging will be sent to TerraCycle.

CDs/DVDs (with or without cases)

Will be reused or recycled for use in new products, i.e. automotive industry parts, and as raw materials for making plastics.

Sports Medals (metal only, no trophies or plaques)

Will be sent to a local metal recycler.

Brita Products

Filters, pitchers, dispensers, bottles, faucet systems and packaging will be sent to TerraCycle.

Cash donations are also greatly appreciated to help us pay for handling and shipping to the various recycling companies and centers. By combining efforts, we can consolidate shipments, thereby using fewer boxes and saving over 70% of shipping fees.


LEAF C.R. Stone Garden is located behind Mission Valley Vet Clinic at 55 Mowry Ave near Mission Blvd. Please park to the side of the Vet Clinic, parallel to Mowry Ave. Parking in front of the Vet Clinic is for their clients only.

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