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Easy upcycling DIY: Jar lid pin cushion

Sharing a quick and easy crafting project created by #HandyMumLin.

I spent a little over an hour creating this jar lid pin cushion that can be screwed into a jar of notions. The best part was being able to repurpose common sewing byproducts! This neat DIY is by HandyMumLin, and you can follow her tutorial video down below (very simple sewing involved):

Materials used:

  • Glass jar with a screw top lid

  • Fabric

  • Fabri-Tac glue

  • Thread ends and fabric scraps as stuffing (replacing polyester stuffing)

  • Needle and thread

  • Measuring tape or ruler

  • Pen

  • Fabric scissors (regular scissors are fine, pinking shears are even better)

This craft involves glueing a circle of fabric on and around the jar lid and checking it still screws shut on the jar itself. Then a fabric pouch is sewn and before tying off the thread and cutting it off, stuffing the pouch. Lastly is sewing the pouch shut and gluing it to the inside of the jar lid. An additional step I did not take was attaching a cute decoration to the top of the lid. Next time!

HandyMum does a fantastic job of walking you through the project, so I recommend just following her video. I will just leave you with a few progress photos and measurements I used for your reference.

  • My jar lid radius: 4cm

  • For that jar lid size, I used roughly 46x20 cm fabric total

  • Cut 3 circles from your fabric (medium, small, large). Circle A: add 3-4 cm to your jar lid radius. Circle B: trace jar lid radius and trim a few mm smaller. Circle C: add 5-6 cm to your jar lid radius

  • If your pouch turns out too large for the opening of the lid (mine turned out like this I had made circle C a cm too wide), put less stuffing in and sew down some of the loose fabric.

I am very happy with the product and will be making more of these jars! Hope you give this a try, and please do share any diys you enjoy to reduce waste in your household.

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