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Sprouting Generosity

In 2020, Sprouts Farmers Market recognized LEAF with a grant for $5,000. And we love it when history repeats itself. That's right! Once again, Sprouts has graciously supported the work we do for our community with yet another $5,000 check! Yay! We asked Elaine to take us all out for a steak dinner, but she equally graciously declined. : )

Sprouts has been a major supporter of organizations like ours for years. And we're proud to be among those celebrated by such a wonderful business whose heart for the people they serve matches our own. A huge shout out of thanks to Sprouts for making our day once again! The investment they make in LEAF will be paid forward toward helping our friends and neighbors.

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1 comentario

Jana Welschmeyer
Jana Welschmeyer
28 oct 2022

Thank you SPROUTS! We appreciate your commitment to local organizations trying to make a difference -

Me gusta
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