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"How Raised Bed Planters at the LEAF Center Can Elevate Your Garden Game"

It's the middle of Spring in Fremont and the soil temperatures are getting high enough to start growing those summer favorites like tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants! If you don't have space at home or want fully automatic watering, why not rent a planter bed with us in the LEAF Center at the California Nursery Historical Park?

Our raised bed rentals have been specifically designed to ensure your growing season will give you the best yield of your favorite fruits and vegetables! The soil we chose has been tested by a professional soil scientist and our garden managers at the LEAF Center will ensure your crops are always optimally watered via the auto irrigation system. Never worry about wilted plants or bursting tomatoes again!

For just $300 dollars for one full year, that's less than a dollar a day, you can have your own little garden bed in the heart on Niles! For questions regarding the planter beds, visit the Rent A Planter page or email us at Ready to rent your planter now? Purchase your LEAF Community Gardener Membership today. See you in the garden!

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