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Salutations! My name is Rebecca and I am the new Propagator. I have been volunteering at LEAF C.R. Stone Garden since December 2020. I am so happy that I found this friendly organization that has welcomed me with open arms. I enjoyed volunteering here so much I wanted to work here and we have figured out how to make that happen.

I come with some knowledge, graduating with a BASc Horticulture in 2018 from Olds College in Olds, Alberta, Canada. I worked at Olds College Botanic Garden for four years and loved every minute of learning all about collections, grounds, and the greenhouse. All aspects of being outside in nature and gardening enthrall me and I have learned that I just love, love, love propagating plants and sending them off to their happy homes for other people to enjoy.

Learning how to garden in Northern California has been very interesting (Olds = Zone 3b compared to Fremont = Zone 9). I'm used to "summer" being a very short time and here it seems everlasting. I enjoy seeing how vegetables react to soil temperatures and how you can almost watch the shrubs and trees grow.

In future blogs, I will be chatting about something that is very close to my heart - plastic usage and how I am trying to reduce it. Hopefully, I’ll share tips with you and you can feel free to share tips with me.

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