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LEAF Earth Day 2024 in Photos

On Saturday, April 20th we celebrated Earth Day at the Fremont Downtown Event Center. The LEAF area had 19 booths and over 75 volunteers. It was an absolutely perfect spring day with temps in the low 70s with some wispy clouds, little breeze and no rain.

LEAF's mission on Earth Day was to educate the community about how ALL of us can contribute to regenerating the land, and we accomplished that mission and more. Our booths were humming with conversations about sustainability and gardening. We were in environmental nerd heaven. Thanks to all the volunteers who shared their passion about sustaining our Earth by sharing their knowledge and also to those behind the scenes who prepared the collateral, the giveaways and prepped the booths. You all make a difference!

We announced our Weekend Workshops for this year at Earth Day. We have two upcoming classes to be taught by Lori Coleman, the Compost Gal. Worm Composting will be held on Sunday, April 28, and Why Compost? on Sunday, May 5th both classes will be held at LEAF Stone Garden from 10 to Noon. As part of our Earth Day Celebration, these two classes are FREE but there are limited spaces so please register at our LEAF Shop.

We had a very positive response to this event with over 160 requests to register for our monthly newsletter and 15 students interested in our Students for LEAF Summer Program. We had lots of donations for our local wildflower raw honey which covered all the Earth Day expenses so it was a sustainable event. YAY! Special thanks to Syndee, Carol and Greg for their time and energy to nurture the bees and process all the honey. 

Nate, our amazing photographer, took lots of candid shots during the event. Enjoy!!!

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