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Make Your Phone Listen to You

Since I have begun being plastic conscious my Instagram and Facebook feeds have been popping up with advertisements for things like toothpaste tabs, shampoo bars, and even dish soap and cleaning alternatives. Those are what I intend to start purchasing next. But the important thing I would like to stress is that I am going to buy them next. Why?

1. I must use everything I already have before I buy something new. That way I’m not left with a large plastic bottle half full of product.

2. I am not falling into the trap the advertisers have set to try and get me to buy products as soon as I see them all the while feeling better about myself for being “environmental” without actually affecting change.

I did try locally made shampoo bars and I have a great picture showing the different amounts of plastic they used (none, came wrapped in paper) compared to shampoo and conditioner bottles. I found the most inconvenient part about the shampoo bars was keeping them dry while not in use IN the shower. I kept them in reused glass jars. Probably not the safest option for the shower. I think this is also historically one of the reasons why plastic was considered so “great” over glass as it's safer.

I encourage everyone to try shampoo bars, especially if you can find some locally made. Your local farmers market or Autumn/Christmas fair is a great way to find local artisans. You never know how much you like a product until you try it. Just make sure you take a picture of the packaging or advertisement of who you bought it from so you can find it again when you need more. Chances are they will even ship it to you.

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deannalani realina
deannalani realina
Sep 21, 2021

Love this. I started using shampoo & conditioner bars, this year as well as bar soap for shower & face. Toothpaste tabs are quite costly (especially for a family of 4), so I haven't made that switch. For your bars, consider bamboo soap dishes or sisal soap savers.

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