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One Little Step

When you care about your world you don’t want to just take one little step. You want to take giant leaps and bounds. It isn’t always feasible or even the right approach. Sometimes one little step a day is all you can accomplish.

My one little step for 2022 is to listen to more earth-friendly or world-worthy podcasts. I usually listen to interviews of celebrities done by celebrities. I enjoy learning about a person and about a project they worked on but it doesn’t improve ME in any way. It is a very cotton candy type of entertainment.

Then I came across a podcast/blog by Joe Lamp’l aka Joe Gardner. I have watched and enjoyed “Growing a Greener World” on TV and YouTube and even taken a course from Joe, online at one point in time. So when FaceBook told me about his Podcast I was excited. Especially when I read the title: Grow Now - Change the World, One Garden at a Time - By Emily Murphy. Listening to these two chat about the author's life and the new book was more than entertaining. It re-sparked my entire glow for environmentally entwined gardening and living. I took notes, I googled things, I wrote quotes, I listened to it multiple times, and was generally enthralled.

Of the many important points they mentioned I found these two to be the most important: 1) Going beyond Organic 2) Change your Language Change your thinking.

I’m sure that if you listened to it or even read the transcripts you would pick up on different things. So I invite you. Take one little step. Do something different that will lift you up and help change the way you think about the world for the better; listen to a podcast. It just might make you wonder about what going beyond Organic really means.

Just FYI this is not sponsored in any way, I just really really enjoyed it.

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Feb 13, 2022

I have never heard of this podcast and am looking forward to listening to many more episodes! And Emily's visit to these topics of regenerative efforts and updating our language are fabulous topics! Thanks for bringing this podcasts to my attention!

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