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Spring Plant Sale

Our biggest seedling sale is now underway!

This year we sourced seed from some new seed companies. All of them have signed the Seed Sharing Pledge, which states that their seeds are untreated (not coated with fungicides or insecticides) and non-GMO. We started over 130 different veggie, herb and flower seedlings and ended up transplanting over 4,500 plants. That’s 1000 more plants than last year!

We are offering online shopping once again with curbside pickup at LEAF Stone Garden Nursery. Unfortunately, browsing through our nursery is not permitted at this time.

We have two new tools to assist your gardening experience: our local "When to Grow" Calendar and our LEAF Wiki Seedling Catalog. In them you will find a calendar of when to plant edible plants and growing tips on specific varieties we sell to help you cultivate a happy and healthy garden!

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