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What I Did to Keep Out Rodents Known As Gophers

Student for LEAF Ethan shares something he learned over the summer!

At Stone Garden, there were so many amazing tasks to be done to benefit the overall garden. Each day usually has something completely unexpected to do, from digging a new row to plant a fresh set of vegetables, to making a video on how to wash plant pots, to playing with whoever’s dog happens to be in the garden. Each activity always has something to learn from, and the most interesting to me was trying to prevent a gopher from eating the garden’s kale!! Because the gopher(s) had gone through the galvanized hardware cloth other volunteers had set up in the dirt bed,

we had to replace the metal, meaning shoveling all the dirt out of the bed and recycling the kale. We took out the old cloth and cut out a new sheet of cloth, which we placed along the sides and bottom of the bed. This sheet didn’t fit in perfectly with the outline of the bed, so we hammered it in place, and used a staple gun to keep it in place. We then put all the dirt back in, and that was when I learned how to replace wire to keep gophers out :D

P.S: I met a lot of amazing people here, from expert gardeners, to new friends I made over the summer!! :D

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