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Worm Farming at the Urban Garden!

We are having our grand opening of our new LEAF Worm Farm on May 1st in collaboration with Tri-City Volunteers Food Bank (TCV).

At LEAF, we donate thousands of pounds of produce to TCV every year. This week, the partnership is expanding to include our new LEAF Worm Farm. TCV will provide us with food waste and damaged produce to feed our worms. The worms will in turn produce worm castings which we will use to fertilize our gardens so our plants will produce more fruits and veggies. This close loop cycle that starts and ends in our gardens is an example of our efforts toward regenerative design which is designing systems that return energy from less usable to more usable forms.

Not only will we be fertilizing our own soil, but now you can buy composting worms from us to build your own worm bins! Stay tuned for more on our Worm Farm and don't forget to join our class this Sunday May 5th "Why Compost?" with Lori Caldwell from our partners at StopWaste. See you in the garden!

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