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LEAF News June 2024

Every LEAF Day is a Good Day!

From Elaine, President of LEAF

Our Garden Infrastructure Team has been really busy prepping the land in the LEAF Urban Garden. Prepping the land involves removing the nasty perennial weeds that have deep roots and spew seeds like curly dock, thistle, grasses and bindweed. They have to be extracted by hand with pick axes and weed whackers. Next is removing the large rocks from the compacted ground so it can be leveled and sheet mulched. These are very important tasks that take lots of time and energy, and typically gets little recognition because the end result is not as noticeable. But the team's persistence has paid off and we have moved from the prep stage to the building stage in the Urban Garden design.

The Ring Road around the perimeter of the Urban Garden is defined and sheet mulched. The new Parking Lot has been weeded and leveled. The 12' x 20' Gazebo which is going to be our educational classroom and meeting center, and the 40' Shipping Container which is going to house our LEAF Science Lab and educational supplies were both delivered last week. This month we will be removing rocks and mulching the parking lot so we can begin parking there, building the Gazebo, and organizing all 3 of the shipping containers. We are now in building mode and have a great 360 degree view from the top of mountain. YAY!

There has been lots of activity in all the other LEAF teams too. The Gardeners and our bees have been buzzing around the yellow, red and pink flowers in the Bee Sanctuary. The Gardeners have been harvesting winter crops, removing the winter overgrowth, and planting the summer edibles. It's a beautiful example of a healthy regenerative garden.

Our Marketing and Social Media Teams have been producing amazing print collateral and social media posts and reels this year. This month, our Grant Team has already surpassed the funds awarded in all of 2023 and is now pursuing an even tougher challenge, securing an USDA grant. We have established a partnership with Patagonia and their employees are scheduled to volunteer with us this summer. Our Science Team is collaborating with a UC Davis Professor who is going to test soils in our gardens to see if there is any measurable differences using regenerative agricultural practices over time.

The Education Team has held 3 of 10 Weekend Workshops and will continue through September. Students for LEAF will begin on June 10th and our educational/vocational classes with the California School of the Blind will start on June 24th. Our new Talkin' Dirt LIVE series is slated to begin on July 6th in the Fremont Main Library.

We have a very solid core of volunteers, educators, and contractors dedicated to our mission of regenerating the land using sustainable practices and inspiring our community to nurture the earth, to cultivate nutritious food for underserved communities and to have living classrooms for educational programs that empower residents to garden and live sustainably. All the hard work the LEAF Teams have put toward this mission has totally paid off. We have literally move mountains of dirt and we have reached the top! And now we are ready to have some fun building a new garden, getting our hands dirty and growing more food.


Please hit the donate button if you feel aligned with our mission so we can continue to develop spaces to educate our community, build healthy soil, and provide food for those most in need.

Any amount you can give is greatly appreciated.

We also accept checks. Payable to LEAF at PO Box 2816, Fremont CA 94536.


Our newest partner is BACS

BACS's mission is to uplift individuals, families, and communities by doing "whatever it takes." BACS help people requesting assistance with housing, employment, behavioral health, food, and healthcare by building individualized wellness plans.

LEAF is partnering with BACS to help them achieve their mission by donating produce and goods, providing gardening consultation, and highlighting items they need to our LEAF community so maybe you can help them also. BACS wish list:

  • Tents and sleeping bags

  • Mobile power bank and portable chargers

  • Clothing and shoes, new or used (especially size 15 shoes)

  • Fresh perfect and imperfect fruit, food including pet food

If you have any of these items, please dropped them off at

BACS Wednesday thru Sunday from 2:00 to 4:30 pm

40963 Grimmer Blvd, Fremont. Ask for Jin or Fili.


Girl Scouts Appreciation Award

LEAF received an appreciation award from the Coyote Hills Girl Scout Troop on May 20th for 3 years of collaboration on the Earth Day Recycling Program. This year the Girl Scouts collected 85 lbs of socks, 38 lbs of crayons and 28 lbs of bras for a total of 151 lbs. We distributed them to organizations that embrace the circular economy by giving products new life or by keeping perfectly good materials from going into the landfill by recycling and reusing these goods. The troop has already committed to continue this partnership for our 2025 Earth Day ; )


The LEAF Center has a new gazebo for our community gardeners to have picnics, relax, and even work. Come by and see the gazebo along with the large 4 feet x 12 feet planters where you can grow your own veggies and fruits. Your produce will thrive in this spacious "gated community" with soil customized for planter beds and with automatic drip irrigation for only $300/year. (Planter cages are not included.)

Planters are available through our annual

Email your questions to


Students for LEAF Summer Program will be held for 7 weeks from June 10th thru July 29th. This program is geared toward young people who are interested in being outdoors, the sciences, the environment, and living sustainably on planet earth. LEAF educators will provide hands-on experience in areas such as the food production cycle, beekeeping, and a community science project. Missing class sessions are expected due to summer vacations. Most classes are stand alone. 3 spots are left.

Registration and details are available at


Sunday, June 2 from 10 to Noon: Container Gardening with Alan

Sunday, June 23 from 1 to 3 pm: Intro to Beekeeping with Syndee

Sunday, July 14 from 10 to Noon: Making a Worm Bin with Josh

Registration is required, Details are available at Workshops

Workshops are held at LEAF Stone Garden located behind the Mission Valley Vet Clinic at 55 Mowry Ave near Mission Blvd, Fremont.


It's tough to find knowledgable gardeners to ask questions. Talkin' Dirt Online provides a platform to engage with others from your home on the first Wednesday of each month from 7 to 8 pm. Join Master Gardeners and a Horticulturist for an online gathering. Regardless of your gardening experience, we'd love to have you!

Our next online gatherings are Wednesdays June 5th & July 3rd

To register, visit

Our new series at the Fremont Main Library is called Talkin' Dirt LIVE. We will host FREE gardening workshops on the 1st Saturday of the month  starting in July through October from 11 am to Noon.

Our in person workshops are Saturdays July 6th & August 3rd

Fremont Main Library is located at 2400 Stevenson Blvd, Fremont.


We have fresh wildflower raw honey and composting worms for sale. Honey and worm sales fund their care and their living spaces.

Summer Special: $20 for a pint jar, $10 for 1/2 pint, $8 for 1/4 pint

Composting Worms are $20 for a small plastic container.

Purchase at our LEAF Shop


At LEAF, we work year-round to feed our community by planting, nurturing, and harvesting fresh produce that we donate to our local food banks such as Tri-City Volunteers and Centro De Servicios.

YTD Produce Donations: 1171 lbs.

Our 2024 Goal is 4500 lbs.


Thanks for your donations of 767 lbs of fruit this year!

We accept donations of fresh, perfect and imperfect fruit! 

Every Monday and Thursday from 9 am to 11 am, you can bring donations of fruit from your trees to LEAF Stone Garden.

Your donations will be added to the volumes of produce we grow and deliver to our food banks to help out our friends and neighbors.

We have a new partner, Bay Area Community Services (BACS). Donations of fresh perfect and imperfect fruit can be taken to BACS directly from Wednesday through Sunday from 2:00 to 4:30 pm.

Located at 40963 Grimmer Blvd near Irvington Ave, Fremont

Have questions? We've got answers at


LEAF volunteers are needed on the 2nd Saturday of every month from

9 am to Noon to help us tackle projects that benefit from a group effort. These volunteer hours count towards the high school community service hours requirement. Be a part of a community helping a community.

  Our next volunteer days are: Saturday June 8th and July 13th

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